PODCAST: Episode 95 – A Real Story of Overcoming Theft, Debt, and Adversity w/ Aaron Stokes


If 2020 taught us anything, it was how to deal with adversity. How to navigate through unknown situations. How to adjust and pivot when necessary.

In business, the unexpected can happen at any point, throwing operations and procedures into complete disarray and forcing business owners to adapt to the situation…or see the enterprise they worked so hard to build perish before their very eyes.

The unexpected happened to Aaron Stokes several years ago. Running a thriving auto repair business, he discovered he was the victim of a well-orchestrated theft…one that, to this day, is still the largest on record in the state of Tennessee.

Aaron saw relationships begin to crumble, debt begin to pile up, and hope seemingly slip through his fingers as each day went on. Fortunately, Aaron is a fighter and wasn’t about to let years of hard work and dedication fade away without a battle. With a solid support system pushing him forward, he ignored the inner voice that told him to give up and fought to bring things back together again.

On Episode 95 of The Business Equation Podcast, Aaron Stokes, Founder of Shop Fix Academy, joins me to tell his story and inspire you when you may be at a point where you need it most. Not only will Aaron tell you about his story of overcoming theft and debt, he’ll share how he kept his businesses operational through the COVID-19 pandemic and give you encouragement to keep a positive mindset when even the darkest storm clouds roll in.

This is a phenomenal conversation you don’t want to miss. Hit that play button now!

To learn more and to connect with Aaron, visit shopfixacademy.com.


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