PODCAST: Episode 107 – What is Rank & Rent SEO and How Can It Work For You w/ Luke Van Der Veer


In Episode 107 of The Business Equation, I sit down with Luke Van Der Veer to talk about Rank & Rent SEO. What is it, how does it work, how can it help you generate leads for your business, and how can you tap into Luke’s expertise on the subject and work with him directly? We also talk about how virtual assistants (VAs) can help your business thrive as well.

ABOUT LUKE: Luke Van Der Veer received an MBA in Human Resources and, right out of grad school, landed a highly sought-after position at General Electric as a Benefits Analyst. Although his family and friends congratulated him on getting a job with such a prestigious company, he hated it.

Only one week into working at GE, he was already searching for a way to escape the corporate 9-to-5 grind.

He tried it all—affiliate marketing, network marketing, Facebook advertising and even selling products on eBay and Amazon. Although he got one of his side hustles up to $35K a month, he was still working seven days a week and reinvesting the money to grow his business.

That’s when he came across a lead generation method called “Rank & Rent SEO” and spent thousands of dollars and months of his time refining the most effective system. By the six-month mark, he had entirely replaced his full-time income, finally quit his job at GE and has never looked back.

One of his students, a concrete contractor, earns more than $20K a month from a single lead generation website.

Learn more about Luke and the Rank & Rent SEO approach at websiterentalcoaching.com

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