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About The Business Equation & Nick Bogacz

The Business Equation Podcast is a real, gritty, X’s and O’s playbook breakdown hosted by self-made business success story Nick Bogacz. This hard-working entrepreneur stopped at nothing to make his dream a reality, going from working five jobs at the same time to building a multi-million dollar pizza empire by refusing to fail and constantly keeping his eye on the prize. Now, Nick brings his recipe for success to the podcast universe and strives to help business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs discover the key to their own success. From delivery boy to World Pizza Champion, Nick’s expertise and business acumen have driven him to become an elite member of the small business world.


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Episode Archives

A Brief Introduction to The Business Equation Podcast
1. How to Get Started
2. How to Effectively Handle Staffing Your Business
3. Why Businesses Fail
4. Improving Communication In Your Business
5. How to Position Yourself As An Industry Leader
6. How to Effectively Brand Your Business
7. What You Need to Know About Business Partnerships
8. How to Define and Build Your Dream 100
9. How to Strengthen Your Negotiation Skills
10. Finding Strengths In Your Business
11. How to Serve Your Local Community
12. How to Build Relationships In Your Business
13. Finding the Right Mentors
14. How to Manage Cash Flow In Your Business
15. The Power of Proper Mindset
16. Key Steps for Effective Time Management
17. Expanding Your Current Ventures vs. Starting a New Business
18. How to Be an Effective Motivator
19. How to Effectively Hire While Scaling Your Business
20. How to Keep Learning While You Grow
21. How to Crush 2020
22. Burn the Ships!
23. Building Your Product vs. Establishing Your Market…Which is More Important?
24. How Many Hours Per Week Do You Work?
25. The Reality of Expanding Your Business
26. An Inside Look at A Different Way to Win with Jim Rooney
27. Nick’s Appearance on the Beyond 8 Figures Podcast
28. How to Make Your Business Visible Without a Lot of Money
29. How to Start a Business with Little to No Money
30. Nick’s Appearance of The Proprietors of Pittsburgh Podcast
31. You’ve Hired Someone…Now What?
32. Taking Care of a “Tough” Customer
33. Navigating Through The Coronavirus Pandemic
34. The Power of Video During the COVID-19 Pandemic
35. Why You Should Start Your Business Even If Others Say You Can’t w/ Dave Richards
36. Leadership: Who’s to Blame When Things Go Wrong?
37. Nick’s Appearance on the Time To Shine Today Podcast
38. How to Effectively Use the PPP Loan
39. What’s It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur In 2020?
40. Attacking Your Business After The Coronavirus
41. Nick’s Appearance on The Executive Juice Podcast
42. Has the Pandemic Beaten You Down and Have You Stuck?
43. Do What You Love w/ Jason Sauer of Most Wanted Fine Art
44. Maximizing Your Mindset w/ Sara Makin of Makin Wellness
45. Nick’s Appearance On Dr. D’s Social Network Podcast
46. How to Spark Your Entrepreneurial Fire w/ Jeff Heggie of Jeff Heggie Coaching
47. The Extreme Power of Strong Values w/ Dariush Soudi
48. How to Leverage Facebook Ads and Set Your Business Up to Succeed w/ Sean Lowery
49. Discover What You’re Made Of w/ Mike “C-Roc” Ciorrocco
50. Finding Inspiration and Direction Through Hardships w/ Keenya Kelly
51. How to Utilize the Art of Bootstrapping w/ Kyle Pucko
52. Masterminds, Taking Risks, & Wise Investing w/ Brad Hart
53. Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, & Positive Vibes w/ Bryant Chambers
54. The Art of Hustle w/ Matt Plapp
55. Keys to Making Smart Investments w/ Charles Coney
56. Personal Development & Being Present w/ Raul Villacis
57. An Inside Look at Private Lending & Capital w/ Jeremy Hill
58. Scoring Big In Real Estate Investing w/ Baskal Korkis
59. Becoming Great and Living Greater w/ Erik Bergman
60. An In-Depth Look at Franchising w/ Zak Omar
The Power of Perseverance and Overcoming Adversity w/ Cody Byrns