PODCAST: Episode 36 – Leadership: Who’s to Blame When Things Go Wrong?


It’s not easy to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Or that the blame is all on you when a project falls apart. Our egos tell us that someone else or something else is the reason things did not go according to plan. But this just isn’t reality. And it just doesn’t speak to sound leadership.

When leaders take control of the ship, reaching the correct destination in the most efficient manner possible falls squarely on their shoulders. They’re in a position of leadership because they know how to handle it and understand how to make others see their vision. A good leader does not point the finger of blame at others. No…a good leader looks to himself or herself and evaluates how they could’ve handled initiatives differently.

Episode 33 of The Business Equation Podcast takes a closer look at quality leadership skills and who you should blame when things go wrong. If the first two paragraphs weren’t enough of a spoiler alert, here’s another: It’s YOU. You’re to blame. And again, that isn’t always easy to admit or accept. But somewhere along the way, a message from you was lost or misconstrued and fixing things for the future can’t happen until you start at the root of the problem.

Nick Bogacz has built a successful pizza business with five locations thriving in the Pittsburgh region. But did you know, as his business expanded, he experienced team members who hated when he visited their restaurant? It was on Nick to discover why things went south in such a terrible fashion and he did just that. Not by getting mad at others or questioning whether he put the right people in place. He looked to himself and found what he needed to do differently.

This solution and much more will be heard on Episode 33 of The Business Equation Podcast!


Nick is a published author! Click here to check out his book, The Pizza Equation: Slicing Up How to Run a Successful Pizza Enterprise.

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