PODCAST: Episode 85 – How Does The Primal Brain Control Your Life w/ Tim Ash


How does our brain work? That could be one of the most complicated and multi-layered questions ever to be asked. The easy answer is that it serves as the command center that controls every thought we have, every word we speak, and every motion we make.

But to say that’s all the brain does is the understatement of the century, and today we’re going to dig into the reason why.

On Episode 85 of The Business Equation Podcast, I am joined by Tim Ash, a renowned keynote speaker, professional marketer, and author of the book Unleash Your Primal Brain: Demystifying How We Think and Why We Act. This new book recently debuted at #3 on Amazon’s Hot New Releases under Evolutionary Psychology and taps into the power the subconscious mind has over our lives each and every day.

Tim brings his years of marketing expertise to the show today as we dive into the mind and how it controls our decision-making. Additionally, our discussion veers into helpful, useful marketing approaches and philosophies that you can implement into your business today! And finally, you’ll learn why Unleash Your Primal Brain is a book you need to pick up and absorb as soon as you’re done listening to this podcast.

ABOUT TIM (FROM HIS WEBSITE): Tim Ash is an acknowledged authority on evolutionary psychology and digital marketing. He is a sought-after international keynote speaker, and the bestselling author of Unleash Your Primal Brain and Landing Page Optimization (with over 50,000 copies sold worldwide, and translated into six languages).

Tim has been mentioned by Forbes as a Top-10 Online Marketing Expert, and by Entrepreneur Magazine as an Online Marketing Influencer To Watch.

Tim is a highly-rated keynote speaker and presenter at over 200 events across four continents. He has been asked to return as a keynote at dozens of events because of the fantastic audience response. Tim shines on massive stages with over 12,000 attendees, as well as in intimate executive events or workshops. He offers dynamic conference keynotes, workshops, and corporate training services (both in-person and virtually). Tim also selectively works as an online marketing advisor with senior executives.

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