How to Hire and Retain Employees

The following is a recent contribution I made to Business.com:

The Best Ways to Hire and Retain Employees

by Nick Bogacz – Business.com Writer

Employee turnover can be costly and bad for morale. Reduce turnover by using these methods to hire and keep your employees.

The ongoing crisis over the COVID-19 outbreak is vastly changing the nation’s employment rate. Mere weeks ago, we at lows not seen for decades. Now, we’re setting new records for the wrong reasons.

The length and severity of this pandemic are uncertain, although we can say with certainty, it’s already been too long and too devastating. But all crises end. The disease will retreat, whether it’s through man-made intervention or nature. The world will get back to work – perhaps slowly, definitely surely.

Once we’re back to some semblance of normal, we may even see a hiring boom. If and when that happens, or if you’re trying to regain pre-pandemic momentum, it’s wise to remember the best way to hire is to retain the staff you already have.

I came to learn this in the years beginning my own business, Caliente Pizza & Draft House, a restaurant with six locations in the Pittsburgh region…CONTINUE READING




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