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If you are an entrepreneur who enjoys the restaurant industry and are looking to build an enterprise with pizza, this book is for you. It slices up the most important aspects of operating a pizza business and serves them all to you in one hot, handy guide. Americans consume an average of 350 pizza slices every second. With three billion pizzas sold in the U.S. every year, it’s a business model that’s here to stay. 

Internationally award-winning Pizza Champion Nick Bogacz’s passion for pizza began with his first job as a delivery boy in 1996. Follow his meteoric rise through corporate chain pizza franchises and subsequent 2012 venture into owning five independent stores. Nick’s expertise has gained him critical acclaim from pizza aficionados and industry leaders. In these pages, you’ll benefit from Nick’s ingenuity and industry insights as he boxes up what he’s learned through hard work and a philosophy that “no matter what, I will not fail.” His strategies will help you craft your own recipe for success and stand out in the pizza-tossing crowd.

The Pizza Equation, by Nick Bogacz is now available for sale on Amazon at this link.

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“In the pizza industry, you meet all types of people, but none more experienced or inspirational than Nick Bogacz. In this book, he delves deep inside our industry’s most challenging issues. The Pizza Equation is a must read for any operator.”

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“Nick has become one of the most successful independent pizzeria operators in America. His enthusiasm for and dedication to the craft have made Caliente Pizza & Draft House a favorite destination for pizza lovers in western Pennsylvania. I’m fortunate to count him amongst my pizza friends, and Pittsburgh is fortunate to have him making pizzas in such a great city.”

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“Every time I talk to Nick he seems to be opening a new restaurant. He’s the real deal when it comes to entrepreneurship; he truly knows what it takes to open, operate and grow a restaurant. If you’re looking to learn from someone who has actually done it, Nick’s your guy.”

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Consultant • Trainer • Author

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Speaking Engagements

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