“I was privileged to meet Nick and members of Caliente Pizza & Draft House years ago at a pizza competition. I was immediately impressed by their prowess in the pizza kitchen, as well as their funloving attitudes. Since then, I have witnessed Nick and his staff continually challenge themselves to be better every year. Winning trophies from numerous national pizza competitions is one thing, but it’s also how Nick and his team relate to the industry. Nick is one of the best out there— approachable, knowledgeable and always raising the bar for independent pizzeria owners. He has secured his place on the pizza scene as a successful pizzaiolo in both the kitchen and office. Growing his restaurants to new heights and with great success, I am very excited to see what the future holds for Caliente. I am honored to call him a friend and colleague.”

Brian Hernandez

Test Chef for Pizza Marketing Quarterly Magazine and US Pizza Team Director

“Nick’s business vision has made him an accomplished name in the pizza industry. His story and his many successes inspire pizzaiolos everywhere.”

Scott Anthony

World Pizza champion, author, consultant and owner of Punxy Pizza

“Nick has become one of the most successful independent pizzeria operators in America. His enthusiasm for and dedication to the craft have made Caliente Pizza & Draft House a favorite destination for pizza lovers in western Pennsylvania. I’m fortunate to count him amongst my pizza friends, and Pittsburgh is fortunate to have him making pizzas in such a great city.”

Jeremy White

Editor-in-Chief, Pizza Today Magazine

“A class act. This phrase describes Nick’s mission and his success thus far. Now a book! His commitment to quality is evident in the five shops he’s opened in six years, his three-time world championships and a crew that smiles as much as he does. He makes good food in a comfortable atmosphere and his guests can rinse it down with the best craft beers around. God bless Nick and his work family. They make me proud to be part of the “pizza equation!”

Nino Sunseri

Purveyor of pizzas and specialty Italian food supplies for over 50 years

“From the beginning, Nick and the Caliente team have played an invaluable role in our city’s flourishing craft beer scene. They are well versed in the product and have a unique understanding of the ever-evolving craft beer consumer.”

Rob Soltis

Executive Editor, Craft Pittsburgh Magazine

“Nick is always doing great things for his team and to elevate the pizza industry as a whole. He is committed to self-improvement while empowering his team to think bigger, always bringing an army to food shows to allow them to grow. As an industry leader, he gives back to the pizza community through seminars and great reads like this one.”

Jeremy Galvin

President, Master Pizza Franchise Group, LLC

“It’s an indescribable feeling to experience a brand for the first time and know instantly that you’re part of something special. This is how I felt the first time I visited Caliente Pizza & Draft House in Bloomfield, PA. As a loyal advocate of the independent beer scene, as well as a lover of all things pizza, I can say that Caliente had everything I could ask for thanks to Nick’s vision. He understands where the beer world is headed, and it’s not all about promo girls and pitcher specials—but rather, offering a diverse selection of beers from independent brands worldwide, tapping a keg of a rare beer and seeing how quickly enthusiasts lined up to enjoy. Nick’s successful approach to building a beer program—paired with extraordinary, creative and downright delicious pizzas—has created a recipe for success that’s allowed the Caliente brand to grow from one destination to five in just six years. The first line of the first feature I wrote for Caliente was a quote from Nick: “All I wanted to do was make great pizza.” Staying true to this has helped him blaze an incredible trail through the pizza industry that includes rapid expansion, countless partnerships and relationships, and now a book where his success can be shared with other entrepreneurs. I am proud to call Nick a colleague, a business partner and, most importantly, a friend. His success is well deserved.”

Jason M. Cercone

Founder of Breaking Brews, breakingbrews.com